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Beküldve: 2011.11.21.
Ennyien olvasták eddig: 1147
Not a poem to no one
Come closer my dear enemy
Break the light with your shadow
Help me hide my feelings from me
That keep taking me down below

I tore my heart from my chest
I thought I would never need it
And lost it somewhere in the past
But the hole which left is still bleeding

Slowly I'm falling asleep
The world around becomes a dream again
I bring back those sweet memories
What you've killed in a sudden moment

I see ourselves when the end has begun
Stopped breathing when I saw the light in your eyes
I feel your kiss warmer than the sun
Keep on believing that those were not only lies

Let me know what went wrong with you
Why all the gold's become to bitter dust
Why has your light turned so dark and blue
How could this sweet potion has bitten by rust?

One day you will look back to me
While I drink the poison you left here to me
Find yourself somehow cold and empty
I'll be the spirit from the past you will always carry
Írta: Noir Freya
Beküldő: Freya Noir

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